Gems of the Vine

“Gems of the Vine” has been in the making of our story long before we actually recognized it. As a highly creative and technical (husband and wife) team, we've generated a variety of beautiful, functional “gems” in life. Our (5) children count as our most important endeavor:) They are the “Gems of Our Vine”, which is how we came to settle on the name of our product.


While in the process of doing life, we have also done a variety of uniquely repurposing space in our home, from moving walls and staircases to building wine cellars and racking, out of wood we have harvested from our own property. The locals call us the neighborhood Vo-Tech. If anyone needs to learn how to do something, just go to the Ruckdashel's....


We have always been a very social family and enjoyed hosting gatherings whenever possible. Ron loves to cook and Karen enjoys the company and conversation of good friends. Therefore, while thinking about how we could incorporate our favorite past times and talents into future purpose, we began looking at what was most enjoyable and meaningful to us.....


Our interests in travel have only increased our curiosity for different flavors and culture as well. We will generally eat our way through any village, city or country, with at least one winery tour mixed in for good measure. And of course there's always a bottle/case purchase and meal replication in our future.


As wine enthusiasts, the memories spent with loved ones in celebration, relaxation and even grief, were made special with a great bottle of wine shared together. Sometimes with food, other times in beautiful scenery from a deck throughout the world. As we've enjoyed these moments, our appreciation for lingering with those we love has increased measurably.


We began our Gems of the Vine product by sifting through our personal artifacts collected throughout the generations of our families. As we went through the various pieces, we were inspired to pull them out and repurpose them in a way that we could enjoy them on a regular basis. Grandma's earrings, Dad's cuff links, our own milestone celebration pins from employers. All things which were significant, yet sitting in a drawer to be preserved for future generations. That began the the impetus for generating our “Gems of the Vine”. Now these “gems” are a part of our special occasions with loved ones.




Who we are and what we do:


Ron is trained in auto-mechanics and is a Shop Foreman for a material handling company in the Twin Cities. Karen is a 28 year veteran in Cosmetology working in a salon in the south suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Having successful longevity in both fields has been both rewarding, as well as fulfilling. We believe “Gems of the Vine” is a beautiful compliment to our current work efforts in impacting lives simply, yet significantly.


We create beautiful sets of drink glass markers out of repurposed jewelry. We offer pre-made sets (of 4) or we offer creating personal sets (of 4) made from your own jewelery boxes .





Care and use of items:


Be gentle. All of the artifacts used are potentially fragile and delicate. Keep jewelry out of liquids. Should the magnet become saturated, rinse and dry before storage. They will come apart if used wrecklessly.


*Drop loose magnet into empty glass.


*Place gem against face of glass to draw both gem and magnet into position.


*When removing from glass, simply slide to rim and magnet will adhere to back of gem for easy storage.


*Enjoy responsibly. (Not intended for use near internal medical devices. Potential choking hazards for all ages).